The outlook is one of the mostcomprehensive emailing services that are out in the market. A person who usesit swears by the product, as they do not only use it for emails but also forpersonal management of information. Typically it comes with Microsoft Officesuite but Outlook can be bought separately too as a sole application.

While most people know Outlook forreceiving, sending and storing emails there are features like calendar,contacts, tasks, notes, and journal, which makes Outlook a personal informationmanagement tool. Other advantages that Outlook offers are:

•   Outlook can be used as an exchange server as well for largeorganizations that allow the software to be used by multiple people.

•   Outlook can also be integrated into mobile devices with additionalsoftware.

•   Email application like Inbox, Outbox, Deleted items, drafted emails canbe stored and filed in Outlook mail.

•   Outlook’s calendar allows you to plan and keep appointments and meetingsthat can also be synched with other Outlook user’s calendars. You can also putsound alerts and alarms for the events and appointments in Outlook to help youin tracking important dates, events, and appointments.

•   With the option of setting audible alarms, it is helpful in reminding youof useful tasks too.

•   The contact details in Outlook are not restricted to mailing detailsonly but you can also store address, phone numbers, and other contact details.You also have the option to send messages directly from the contact list to yourfriends and family members whose contacts you have stored in Outlook.

With all these benefits and much moreOutlook does give trouble to users with the password. Even if have notforgotten the password and you keep trying to enter your Outlook you cannotbecause it keeps on asking for a password. In such a scenario it is importantthat you reset your password so you can access your Outlook emails and otherdetails.

In this article, we will look into how youcan reset your Outlook password.

Before you try to reset your passwordbecause your Outlook is not opening then do try to check whether your Caps Lockis off and you have spelled your email address correctly.

If that does not work then do clear yourbrowser history and caches. The steps to remove the caches are given below. Tryresetting the password with these solutions given below.

Solution1: Reset Your Outlook Account Password

In case you have forgotten your password orwant to reset it for any other reason then you can follow these steps:

–    Go to the following link to reset the password.

–   Clicking on the link you will be prompted to enter either your Email,phone number or Skype ID that you used when you set up your Microsoft account.

–    Enterthe characters that are shown on the screen and then click on Next.

–   A security code will be sent to your Microsoft registered email or phonenumber.

–   Once you enter the code and click on next you are good to go with yourOutlook.

Solution2: Reset Microsoft Account Password To Unlock Outlook Password

This is the first solution you should tryto Reset your password but it does come with a few drawbacks. They are:

1.   You need to remember and have access to the phone number or email id thatyou have used when you have set up your Outlook and Microsoft account. Withoutthe email id or phone number that you used for the MS account, you cannot usethis method.

2.  This solution cannot work for you if you do not use Microsoft as yourdefault type account for your Outlook.

3.   Also, there is a high possibility that this solution can mess up all theother service settings associated with your Microsoft account, i.e. Skype,Xbox, OneDrive, etc.

Hence consider this solution with cautionbut this is one of the best solutions in the list to reset your Outlookpassword.

As mentioned earlier Skype, Xbox One Drive,as well as Outlook account, can get messed up with this solution becauseMicrosoft is typically your default account for all these Microsoft services.Also generally since your Microsoft account is your default for Outlook thepasswords are same hence the minute you reset your Microsoft password thepassword for Outlook, as well as all these other associated services, willchange. Keeping that in mind you need to proceed with this solution followingthe next steps.

  • Go to the link and then click on ‘I Forgot MyPassword’ and then click on the Next icon.
  • You will be prompted to entereither your phone number or email id as per whatever you have entered when youcreated your Microsoft account.  Afterentering either your email id or phone number click on the Next icon.
  • Select the method as to how youwould like to receive the one-time security code that Microsoft will send youto reset your password. You have the option of selecting either your phonenumber or email id to receive this one-time security code.
  • On your email or on your phoneonce you receive the security code enter it in the section that asks for it andthen clicks on Next.
  • Now you will be able to changethe Microsoft account password and you can confirm the changes by following theprompts shown on the screen.
  • With this new password you canlog into your Outlook account and it should work fine.

In case you do not want to use thissolution you can try the next solutions. Typically they are given in an orderthat you can try the first and then go to the next solution if the earlier one doesnot work.

Solution32: Resetting Outlook LoginSettings 

Try to reset the login settings for yourOutlook through Windows Credential Manager. To do that you have to follow thenext steps:

–   Go to your Windows Control Panel. Locate the Credentials Manager andclick on it.

–   Look for Unser Accounts then go to Credential Manager

–   From both Windows Credentials as well as Generic Credentials look forany credentials that have reference to any email addresses of MicrosoftOutlook, Office 365. Remove all those stored credentials.

–   Next, click on details and then select Remove from Vaults.

–   You will be prompted to take the action in a warning box with Yes, clickon Yes.

–   You might have to do this step quite a few times to remove all thecredentials that are part of your email address.

Solution4: Check Credential Settings

After trying the Solution 2 you stillcannot open your Outlook account see if the option Prompt is not checked inprofile for the credentials. Such an issue can cause Outlook asking for yourpassword repeatedly barring you to access the account. So you have to performthe following task.

–   Open your Outlook and then go to File

–   From there choose Account Settings from the Account Settings section.

–   Next, select the exchange account.

–   Next, locate the change button and click on it.

–   Next, go to More Settings, which is located on the right side near theend of the screen.

–   Next, select and click on the Security tab

–   Under the user identification check that the following is not selected,i.e. ‘Always prompt for logon credentials.

–   Finally, click on OK and restart your Outlook again.

As part of your resetting the passwordprocess for your Outlook account you can try the next solution too.

Solution5:  Clear The Cached Passwords

By default Windows always store the usercredentials on your computer. In case of incorrect cached credentials, you willbe asked to enter your password repeatedly.

–   Ext from your Outlook page

–   Go to the Windows Start button and click on it and then click on theControl panel.

–   Select Credential Manager and look for Credentials that have the nameOutlook in it.

–   Click on the name and expand the credential set, next click on Removefrom Vault.

You might have to repeat the step to removeall the set of Outlook credentials.

If the problem still persists you caneither try to disable the antivirus program that your computer uses temporarilyor reboot the computer into safe mode. Install your Outlook with the latestupdates. If all these do not work then try to create a new account.

It is important that you are able to resetyour Outlook password easily without hassle. Whether it is because you haveforgotten it or due to any other security reasons, it is vital that if you arean Outlook user you should be able to use it without any problem. So if you arehaving any issues with Outlook password try these steps to reset it and beready to go and not miss any emails, appointments or tasks and enjoy all thefacilities and features offered by the service.

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