How to Fix Canon Printer Not Working

Canon Printer Not Working

Numerous computer users who use the wireless Canon printer for work or personal printing work regularly whine about their printer that refuses to take action at certain intervals.If you are facing Canon printer not responding issues on a normal basis, it is best to ask for the help of expert Canon printer restore technicians, as they will effortlessly resolve the issue for canon printer not working.

It is essential to note that printer not responding issue is actually a general printer issue and a number of causes can prompt this issue. For example, if you are using an old-fashioned printer driver, then this might stop your printer from functioning perfectly.Likewise, if your printer is not linked to a network, then also this issue may crop up. Before, you start a serious diagnose for your printer, follow these few easy yet efficient troubleshooting steps that will help you to solve the Canon printer not responding error with utmost simplicity.if canon printer not responding then call us.

What Can You Do If Getting canon printer not working after changing router?

In many cases, the foremost cause behind printer not responding issue is the lack of interaction between your PC and printer. If this is the issue, then here are a few steps that may help you to determine the solution.

  • Press the Setup knob on your wireless Canon printer > go to Wireless LAN setup > click on OK
  • Now you will have to select Easy Setup and verify your choice by clicking on OK
  • Select the Access Point and type in the Wi-Fi password before you click OK
  • Locate the setup disk and include it into your PC. You will now have to run the setup program to install the Canon printer to your device.
  • Select Easy Install and then click on Install; you will now find a printer on the network on the newly loaded page. If yes, click on the choice before proceeding to the next troubleshooting step.
  • Switch on the printer installation procedure by clicking on Next and then stay for a couple of minutes for the procedure to get finished.

Once the installation process is finished, run test print jobs to see if the Canon printer not responding issue is solved or not. If not, then you will require to attempt other printer troubleshooting steps to solve the problem, and it will be good to ask for the help of skilled Canon printer repair experts for that.

Currently, if you are stressed with the ‘printer not responding’ error, the below-mentioned methods may provide some help. We managed to recognize fairly a few budding fixes that have directed to assist users in a comparable situation to solve the issue. Please follow each fix until you came upon a way that solves your issue.

Reboot Your Network Connection If Canon Printer Not Responding usb

Before you jump into more technical techniques here, let’s abolish the easy potential perpetrators from the list. Initiate by making sure your printer is correctly connected to the similar wireless network as your computer.

If you use a wired connection, ensure the cable checks are done. Once you got this figured out, restart your printer and then resume your network connection. The simplest way to do this is by inserting the power cable out of the modem.

You can also use the reset button in order to reorganize your home network, but we do not recommend it if you’re not certain about your networking skills.

Go for Some Basic Troubleshooting For Canon Printer Not Working With Airprint

The case may be your Canon printer isn’t be linked to your connection properly. So it’s important to check the connection of your printer.

If you use a USB cable to connect your printer:

  • Check if the cable is appropriately connected. If it isn’t, reconnect the cable and ensure they are correctly placed into the ports on both your printer and your computer
  • Join your printer directly to your system without using a hub
  • Try linking the cable to other USB port on your system and see if this do any good for you
  • You may also require to research with other cable and see if there is an issue with the cable you are using

If you are using a network printer or canon printer not responding wired:

  • Check the network connection and network devices like your router and modem you are using
  • See the network connection position of your printer and see if your printer is correctly connected to the required network
  • Reconnect or restore your network cable when needed if your printer is using a wired connection
  • For a wireless printer, attempt reconnecting your printer to your personal network

If you connect your printer via Bluetooth:

  • Make sure your printer is near to your computer
  • Try to pair your printer again with your system and see if this solves your issue

Disable 3rd Party Firewall or Security Suite For Canon Printer Not Responding Windows 10

As mentioned earlier, this problem is frequently caused by a domineering firewall. This doesn’t concern the built-in solution which is quite permissive. This particular problem is a familiar incidence with 3rd party antivirus suites but it’s also informed to happen with keen firewalls.

Many users encounter this problem and report their antivirus solution ended up jamming the spooler subsystem app which made the wireless connection not curable. A lot of users have informed that the problem has been resolute by itself after they disabled the firewall operation or uninstalling the security suite that was straining the connections.

As you can think, the precise steps towards immobilizing your 3rd party antivirus are very precise to the application that you’re utilizing. But if are looking for a rapid and simple resolution, uninstall the application from ‘Programs and Features’. To perform this, open the Run box, type “appwiz.cpl” and hit Enter to open ‘Program and Features’.

In the ‘Programs and Features’ window, position your 3rd party application, right-click on it and choose Uninstall to eradicate it from your computer.

If you’re concerned about your computer being left vulnerable, then don’t be. Upon uninstalling the fanatical antivirus, Windows Firewall will mechanically start to monitor your incoming & outgoing connections. If this technique didn’t solve the problem or it wasn’t appropriate, move to the next method.

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Change The USB Port

As per some users, this could be an established USB problem if the printer uses a wired connection to converse with your Windows computer. If you want to test this speculation, simply use another USB port, allow Windows to reinstall the drivers needed by the printer, and restart your system once again.

For the next restart, see if the problem has been solved. If the problem isn’t yet solved, disengage the USB cable concerning your printer to your PC once again. You can even take a look in ‘Device Manager’ for any expletive points linked to your USB ports and printers. For this, open a ‘Run box’ (Windows key + R), type “devmgmt.msc” and hit Enter to open ‘Device Manager’.

Revise Your Printer Driver

There could be many reasons why your printer isn’t responding. Your printer may not be taking any action since you’re using a wrong printer driver or its outdated. To see if that’s working for you or not, you should renew your Canon printer driver. If you don’t have the time, endurance or skills to renew your driver physically, you can do it mechanically with the help of our experts.

They will guide you through the process that will be done mechanically and distinguish your system and find the right drivers for it. You don’t need to know exactly on what system your system is running, you don’t need to find threat downloading and establishing the wrong driver, and you don’t need to concern about making a fault when installing.

Canon printer not responding is possible due to many reasons; what’s important is to find the reason and know how you can solve this. If you are new to this and aren’t able to figure it out then visit our website and know what you can do.

You’ll find solutions to the numerous canon printer not working on mac issues and can follow them. The steps mentioned are easy to follow and will solve your printer problem efficiently.

If you find the steps hard to follow, then pick up your phone and make a call to our experts. Our experts have a thorough knowledge of the printer and know-how an issue can be fixed. They have been guiding the clients for many years and we have always had a positive review from our clients.

No matter whatever issue you face, call our experts’ ad get instant assistance.

How to Fix Canon Printer Not Working

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