With time thethreats of cyber attacks, with viruses, malware, etc. has risen, As a result ofthat many companies have come into the business of launching anti-virussoftware for all digital devices, mainly computers. One of the top-sellinganti-virus software in the market is Mcafee.

Mcafee is anAmerican security software company based in California’s Santa Clara. It claimsto be the largest company in the world that is dedicated to securitytechnology. The company was started in 1987 and is now owned by Intel and since2011 it is a part of Intel Security division. Over the years Mcafee as anorganization has acquired over a dozen companies that provide such anti-virusand firewall solutions.

Despite thereputation of being one of the best anti-viruses in the industry and owned byIntel, Mcafee is not immune to criticism, controversies or complaints. On April21, 2010, over millions of computers running on Windows XP Service Pack, 3 gotaffected worldwide because of an erroneous virus definition file that wasupdated by McAfee. This resulted in Windows system file (svchost,exe) beingremoved from the system and those machines losing the network access and insome cases, the machines went into a reboot loop. The problem acted Windowscomputers worldwide and McAfee soon rectified the issue by removing andreplacing the DAT file, which was faulty with an emergency DAT file version5959. Similarly, in 2012 users of McAfee was once again flooded with complaintsthat the antivirus update that was made for enterprise and home computers wereactually turned the antivirus protection off. In some cases, it also stoppedthe computer from establishing a connection with the Internet.

However, suchfactors have not slowed down the reputation or sale of McAfee and are still oneof the top-selling antivirus software in the market. The reason being it has animmensely helpful and prompt customer service system.

In this article,we will talk about the range of support that McAfee Customer Support providesto its users.

Contact Us

McAfee is one ofthe few antivirus software companies that offer contact us facilities to itsworldwide users. The number of professional help that the company offers intechnical support, customer services, sales, professional services, public relations,and partners.

Sales: The sales category for McAfee hassubcategories that provide customer support they are:

•    Enterprise Sales: Contact – 001 888-8478766(International Toll Call)

•    Small Business Sales: Contact – 001888-847-8766 (International Toll Call)

•    Home & Home Office: Contact –001-866-622-3911 (International Toll Call

•    Encryption Solutions: Email –ebssales@mcafee.com

•    System Protection – McAfee Host IntrusionPrevention: Contact – Phone: 1-888-847-8766

Email: sales@mcafee.com

Other categoriesinclude Healthcare, Partners, Education K-12, and Higher education.

Services: It offers a range of servicesthat includes:

•    Emergency incident response

•    Product deployment and optimization

•    Product and Security education

•    Security consulting

Emergency IncidentResponse: Call 1-866-212-5589. The number isfor North America, Latin America, and Asia. For the Middle East and Europe customers, the number is +441753611499.

This customerservice offers the users immediate help on call to investigate, analyze andassess any security breaches.  To receivethis help the customers are supposed to fill up a form and call theabove-mentioned number. You can click on this link to follow the instructions:Incident Response Emergency Services.

Solution Services: For McAfee enterprisesales please contact them at Solution Services. The link has a form that oneneeds to fill up, however, the form is not supposed to be used by the following:

•    Enterprise Technical Support

•    Consumer Sales

•    Consumer Technical Support Inquiries. 

This form is to beused exclusively for McAfee enterprise sales.

Other servicesthat a customer of McAfee can avail are:

•    Foundation Professional Services and followthe link to fill the form: Foundation Professional Services 

•    Product and Security Training, for this,follow the link and fill the form: Product and Security Training

Other customerservices that McAfee users can avail Virtual assistant for guided solutions oncommon issues that McAfee product users might face. For availing the VirtualAssistant customer support service you can click on this link: VirtualAssistant.

As part of thecustomer support system McAfee has separate FAQs for the following:

•    PC

•    Mac

•    Mobile & Tablet

•    Account or Billing

Under each ofthese categories, a user of McAfee can get answers on the general issues thatplague them while using the McAfee product. The answers range from how toinstall and uninstall McAfee products to how to rectify incomplete installationwhen Windows fails with an error. It has both knowledge-based FAQs andCommunity question and answer.

Apart from thispart of the Customer service that McAfee offers are the following:

•    Online Consumer Support: This is fornon-technical questions, that include product aviation, inquiries aboutlicenses, grant numbers, support for entitlements and ServicePortal passwords.

•    Self Diagnose Support: With this customerservice, McAfee guides the users to get better digital protection with theonline tools the company offers and other recommendations.

•    Community Support: If you are having a hardtime finding a solution to your McAfee or other related issues then McAfeecommunity support provides the answer to your questions.

•    Contact With A Representative: This allowsyou to get one-on-one consultation about the issues you face with your McAfeeproduct. To avail this option you have to fill in the form and continue withthe instructions given on the website. To connect with a representative clickon the link and fill the form: Connect with a Representative

Windows 10, 8.1 and McAfee

One of the majorconcerns that troubled the McAfee users recently was the trouble the users ofWindows 10 faced when they updated it to Windows 10, 8.1. Users were asked toswitch off the McAfee anti-virus or any other McAfee products in the PC beforeupgrading the Windows 10 so that the software did not get corrupted.

It was nothappening to all the Windows 10 computers but it was advised even by the McAfeeforums to either uninstall or disable McAfee before the update. It was a safetytip since it was not definite that you will corrupt the antivirus with theupdate. As mentioned in the McAfee support forum:

‘ Well the adviceis only as a precaution and is the same advice – at least disable it – we giveto anyone upgrading anything or installing service packs for instance. As longas SecurityCenter shows ‘green’ and says it is protecting, then you are fine’.

Despite itaffected many Windows anniversary update and Windows 10, 8.1 and solutions werein effect, unfortunately, the problem still persists and the solution is stillto uninstall or disable the McAfee software to install the Windows OS or updateit.  This is primarily because not all ofthe McAfee security software is compatible with Windows 10 version. So beforeyou buy the McAfee security software it is important that you learn about itscompatibility not only with your OS but also the version of your operatingsystem. 

The best place toget the knowledge about the compatibility of the McAfee security product andoperating system and your version is by contacting the McAfee customer service.

Some of the Common McAfee Issues

Not all McAfeeissues need to be taken to the McAfee customer service when because at timesthe issues might not be solely because of the software, there can be variousreasons for it. Some of them are:

•    Existing Malware: In some cases, there canbe a malware that is already in your system and is disrupting the working ofyour McAfee.

•    Windows Update: Sometime update of theWindows OS has seen to have damaged or deleted some of the McAfee files thatneed to run as a result the security software stops running.

•    Unlicensed Software: Often to save moneyyou might use pirated software of the McAfee Antivirus. Such a copy will neverbe fully effective and will eventually stop working if there are any updates ofthe software or your operating system.

•    Compatibility: Check if there is anotherantivirus installed in your computer, often two antivirus software collide andcan make the McAfee security software incompatible. So it is important that youdelete the other antivirus.

Troubleshooting McAfee Antivirus

In case yourMcAfee Antivirus stops working before contacting the customer service of McAfeeyou can try these following methods to troubleshoot the issue.

•    Switch off and then restart the device onwhich you are using the McAfee.

•    Uninstall the McAfee antivirus from thedevice and remove it altogether and then do a fresh installation.

•    If there is any other antivirus uninstallthat.

•    From the McAfee, the website tries toreinstall the software from the official set up file.

•    Restart the software after updating it.

•    Try to restore the system settings from thelast time that McAfee was working.

All these methodsshould help you to rectify any problem that you might face with your McAfee.But in case you are continuously facing issues with your McAfee antivirussoftware try then you should contact the customer service. It is vital youresolve the issue so that your system is protected from any virus or malwareattacks.

Call Mcafee customer service |+1-888-860-8999

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