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Development in printing machines has allowed the printing industry to keep up with the requirements whether it is for industrial printing purposes, office, personal or home.  Call Us for HP Printer Error 79.

Depending on the requirements of the printing be it a banner, commercial holdings or just small and few papers there are several types of printing machines and techniques. It ranges from digital printing, offset printing, letterpress printing that uses a variety of technologies like laser printing, inkjet printing, screen printing and so on.

In recent times people are getting moreinclined to use laser printers instead of inkjet printers. In this article, wewill look into the HP Printer Error 70, which is associated with HP LaserJetPro 400.  We will discuss the reasonsthat cause the issue and how to resolve it. In addition to that, we will alsolook into the reasons that Laser printers are being used more than inkjetprinters.

HP Printer Error 79 |+1-888-860-8999

The term LaserJet is a brand name that isassociated with the line of Dry Electrophotographic (DEP) laser printers thatHewlett-Packard (HP) the well-known American company markets. HP’s LaserJet wasthe first desktop laser printer in the world. In 1984 HP first introduced thelaser printer in the Computer Dealers’ Exhibition for IBM PC compatiblepersonal computers. This laser printer was sold for $3,495.

Later in 2015 HP updated and changed thefeatures of its LaserJet printers by adding more security to stop thevulnerabilities. After this, they termed their printers as ‘Worlds’ Most SecurePrinters’.

HP also offers a one-year warranty to allthe LaserJet Printers around the world. With any issues, the owner of theprinter can contact HP directly or any authorized service provider to get theservice promised by the warranty. Customers also have the choice to buy anextended warranty to continue the coverage of the HP LaserJet printer.

Though HP offers these services it is notalways possible to contact the HP for errors when you are trying to printsomething. One such error that HP LaserJet Pro 400 users encounter is Error 79.

HPLaserJet Error 79?

It is quite frustrating to have errormessages popped up on the screen when you are trying to do a printing job. Anerror message pops up generally when the print job is corrupted or there is amiscommunication between the printer and the spooler. Typically themiscommunication happens when the printer firmware is outdated. One such errorin HP LaserJet is Error 79. As a user you will see any of the following twomessages on the HP printer’s control panel:

•   Error 79 turn off then on

•   Error 79 service error turn off then on. This message means that a DIMMhas been installed which is probably incompatible.

HowTo Fix HP LaserJet Error 79?

There are four methods in which you can fixError 70 that troubles your HP LaserJet

Method1:Error 79 Turn Off then On

If this is the message that is beingdisplayed on the printer’s control panel then this is an error that typicallyoccurred due to internal firmware error. To fix it you have to follow thesesteps given below:

•    First, turn the power of the printer off.            

•   Next, wait for a minimum of 30 seconds

•   Now turn the power of the printer on

•   Wait for the printer to finish the initialization

In case of using a power surge protector,you have to first remove it. After which put the plug of the printer directlyto the wall socket and then only put the power back on again.

Now check if the printer is still showingthe error 79 messages if it does then go to the next steps to troubleshoot it.

•   If there are any USB or network cables attaches even if there is a powercycle then disconnect all of them. Even after that if the printer goes back tothe Ready status then you should verify the status of the firmware version. Checkif there is an update for the firmware, in case there are newer versionsavailable then update it.

•   To get the firmware version of the printer, you have to print aConfiguration Report. This can be done either from the control panel of theprinter or go to the HP support page and look for the latest version offirmware available for your printer.

•   If your printer continues to have the Error 79 persist then isolate itand try to remove it from the network and establish it in its own environment.Delete any existing print jobs that have been queued by the computer and allthe other computer connected the printer. Now perform a test print job to checkwhether it is printing properly.

Method2: Error 79 service error turn off then on – Reinstall DIMM

If you have recently installed a memoryDIMM and you are encountering the error 79 service error turn off then on thenyou need to follow these next steps to resolve the issue.

•   First, turn off your printer

•   Next, remove the DIMM memory that you have installed.

•   Next, reinstall the DIMM and ensure that it is sitting properly in theprinter.

•    Finally,turn on your HP LaserJet printer.

In case Error 79 continues to plague youthen go to the next following steps:

•   Remove any DIMMs that you have installed or has been there

•   On your HP printer conduct a retest

•   Only if your printer is working without any error messages then only goto the next step.

•   Finally, install  DIMM that yourprinter supports, ensure that the memory DIMM you are installing fits with yourprinter.

Method3: Reinstall Drivers

If none of the above methods helps inresolving the issue then you can consider this method. In this, you have toremove your HP LaserJet completely from your computer system and reinstall itagain. For this, you have to uninstall both the HP drivers and any associatedsoftware. You can do this by following these steps:

•   Go to Windows Search Bar and type Control and open the Control Panel, oryou can directly look for the Control Panel and open it.

•   Next, select Uninstall a program and locate all HP printer-relatedsoftware

•    Now, do a right-click Start and open theDevice Manager

•   Uninstall the HP device under the Print Queues

•   Now, restart your computer. You have to wait for the driver to completeits installation automatically.

•   Now, install all the HP associated software once again

This should help you to fix the Error 79issue that you are facing with your HP LaserJet.

Method4: For Network Printer With Error 79

This method has two part steps and forthis, you would require:

•   Access to the Internet

•    AdminAccount for the computer(s)

Part 1

•   Switch off the printer completely

•   Now check and remove all the printing jobs that the network printer isperformed to do.

•   Go to the domain network to check each of the print jobs and who owns itin the ‘See What’s Printing’ box.

•   From the domain, network removes each of these jobs by logging into eachaccount.

•   Now remove and add the LaserJet printer from the list of ‘Devices andPrinters.’

Part 2

•   Now stitch on the HP printer

•   Ensure that the printer is connected to the Internet. You must have anEthernet cable. It is supposed to connect your device to the switch, modem orrouter.

•   Locate the control panel or screen of the LaserJet Pro 400 printer andtap on the icon ‘Network.

•   On the printer check the IP address, in case it displays anything elseapart from something starting with 192.168.XXX.XXX then check the guide. If itshows the address starting with the above-mentioned number it means yourprinter is connected to the network.

•   On the home screen tap on the icon ‘Settings’

•   Choose the LaserJet Update and the firmware update, if they requireupdating do those. 

Method5: Contact HP Customer Care

 Despite using all these methods if Error 79 continues to disrupt your printing process then it is important that you contact the HP Customer support team. They are a specialized group of people who can help you to troubleshoot the issue. HP LaserJet is one of the most used printers and they are quite user friendly.

Fixed: HP Printer Error 79 |+1-888-860-8999

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