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We have come a long way from the printing technology that the Chinese used even before 220 AD. No longer we use woodblock printing technology,rather one of the areas that have transformed and developed immensely with the rise of technology has been the printing industry. The printing industry is no wan integral part of every man’s life, industry, be it service, manufacturing or any other commercial aspect. When HP Printer Not Printing then call us.

Whether in bulks or in small amounts printing documents, banners,posters, newspapers, flyers, etc. has become an essential part of everyone’slives. To help with this printing spree company like HP and others havemanufactured printing machines, some portable, that can be used as desktopprinters and some bigger standalone ones, that servers quite a few purposesalong with printing.

HP Printer Not Printing |+1-888-860-8999

There are primarily two types of printers now in the market LaserJetand InkJet. HP, the computer company was the first to bring desktop LaserJetprinter to the market. HP made the LaserJet printer for IBM PC compatiblepersonal computers in 1984, which was showcased at the Computer Dealers’Exhibition.

HP has been one of the leading sellers of PC compatible printers inthe market despite being under the scrutiny in 2011 after Columbia Universityrevealed that the printers have vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can beexploited to remotely upload malicious firmware that can exfiltrate printoutdata and also attack other computers on the network. The issue was worked on byHP and resolved in 2015. HP announced that new features have been added tomitigate the vulnerabilities and also made the printers the ‘World’s MostSecure Printers’.

But since it is a machine, the issue of the printer not printing thedocuments also plagues HP printers. In this article, we will look intodifferent ways that you can troubleshoot the issue of HP printers, notprinting.

Why HP Printer Not Printing

Many HP printer users have complained or at least once faced theissue of the printer not printing. The cause of such an issue can be a resultof various reasons like connectivity, faulty configuration or drivesissues.  The problem of HP printers, notprinting can be very annoying mainly when you are in the middle of a printingjob or trying to print something important. So if you are struggling to troubleshootthe issue you can follow the methods and their steps given below to resolve theproblem of your HP printer, not printing.

1.    Basic Troubleshooting to Resolve the Issue

When your HP printers stop working you can try to resolve the issuewith some basic troubleshooting steps.

•    Check the status of yourconnection between your printer and the computer. Ensure, that all the devicesare properly connected with each other. Also, the network or the cable thatconnects your devices are normal and are connected properly and securely.

•    After finishing, checkingthem and there are no issues with the connectivity you have to switch off yourHP printer completely. Unplug the power cord. After unplugging leave it likethat for a minimum of two minutes before plugging it back on the power.

•    Switch on the power ofthe main switch and then the printer. Now check if the printer is workingnormally.

In case the printer is still not working then go to the next step.

2.    Set Your Printer As Default

In case you have more than one printer listed to your computer thenassign the HP printer you are having issues with printing as the defaultprinter. This will automatically assign any printing task to the defaultprinter unless you choose otherwise. To put your HP printer as the defaultprinter follow the steps below:

•    Click on the Windows logoand the Key R on your keyboard to open the dialogue box Run.

•    In the box type ‘Control’and then hit Enter. This will open the Control Panel.

•    Select the Devices andPrinters from the Control Panel

•    Click on the Printerssection and then do a right-click on the HP printer and then select Set asdefault printer. When prompted click on Yes.

•    You will see a green tickbelow your HP printer, which means it is now your default printer.

Restart your computer and try to do a printing job, in case theproblem persists then go to the next method.

3.    Cancel All Printing Jobs

Often a long queue of printing jobs can result in your printer, not printing.To resolve the error you have to cancel all the printing jobs to bring your HPprinter back to normal. To do that follow the steps:

•    From the Control Panelopen your Devices and Printers

•    In the Printers, thesection does a right-click on your HP printer.

•    Select ‘See what’sprinting’

•    Open the Printer Menu andselect Open As Administrator

•    Once again open printermenu and select on Cancel All Documents.

•    Confirm the action byclicking on Yes

Now try to print something afresh.

4.    Printer Driver Update

Often faulty drivers are the reason thatresults in the issues of a printer, not printing. To resolve the issue you haveto update your printer driver and fix the printing issue of HP printer, notprinting.

For the purpose of Printer Driver Update follow the steps below:

Before downloading the update of the driver/firmware check whetheryour printer supports Web Services. If that is the case then you can update itdirectly from the printer.

•    Look for the printer updatefeature; menus may vary from printer to printer.

•    Next, locate the printerwith an ePrint icon or button and either touch or press on it.

•    Next, press or touch onSetup or Settings and then press or touch on Product Update or Check ProductUpdates.

•    In the case of thetext-based menu, printers choose Select, Settings or Service menu. Then selectPreferences, Tools, or Printer Maintenance. Next, select Web Services, PrinterUpdate or LaserJet Update.

•    Follow the on-screeninstructions regarding the acceptance for the terms and conditions to enablethe Web Services and allowing the machine to set up automatic update.

•    If the printer does notdo automatic updates then choose to Check for Updates or a similar menu tostart the update.

Resolve it by calling customer service

The other way you can do the update is by going to the HP websiteand download the printer firmware update directly from the HP Customer Supportdownload page. Follow the steps given below for printers connected to WindowsComputer:

•    Ensure that your printeris connected with your computer, which is connected to the local network.

•    Go to Windows Softwareand Driver Downloads

•    When you get the displaypage ‘Let’s identify your product to get started.’ Click on Printers

•    Key-in your printer modelnumber, next click on Submit

•    It will automaticallyshow the default operating system selected. 

•    In case you have tochange the Windows version Click on Change and select the version and thenclick on Change again.

•    Next, click on Firmwareand click on the icon Download. (In case you do not see the Firmware section,it means there are no recent updates)

•    Once you have downloadedit save the file to your computer

•    Start the installationprocess after locating the file and opening it.

•    Check to see the printer serial number is displayed when the HP Printer Update windows open.

•    Once the update is doneclick on OK.

•    In case you haveestablished the connection with USB cable then do the following:

–    Locate the Control Panelon Windows and click on it.

–    Click on View devices andprinters

–    Do a right-click on theUSB printer device and choose the Remove device

–    Disconnect the USB cablefrom the printer as well as the computer and restart your computer.

For HP printers connected with Mac follow the next steps:

•    Follow the same fivesteps given under the HP printers connected with Windows.

•    Next. For changing yourmacOS or OS X version click on Change, select the version that is correct andthen clicks on Change again.

•    Next, click on Firmwareto download it by clicking on the Download icon.

•    Once the download iscomplete, open the [Printer_name].dmg file

•    On the HP FirmwareUpdater do a double-click

•    Next, on the printer namedo a single click and then click on Continue.

•    The updater automatically checks the firmware version that has been installed on the printer and the result is then displayed in the Update Information window.

If updating the driver does not resolve the issue then go to thenext method, which is contacting the HP customer care service.  They are professionals who will be able tohelp you in resolving the issue.

Fixed: HP Printer Not Printing |+1-888-860-8999

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