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When you run a business one of the most difficult tasks is an accounting. It is also one of the core tasks that need to be flawless as finances dictate the running of the business. Whether it is a small, medium or large enterprise most of them face challenges when managing their business finances. Most of the time the major hurdles that the enterprises encounter involves payroll management, taxes, invoice and billing management, cash flow management, unforeseen expenses and such. To help business owners to resolve these problems accounting software solutions are flooding the market. call us for QuickBooks Error 3371.

QuickBooks Error 3371

There are several accounting software solutions in the market butall of them are not reliable and each of them caters to a specific type, sizeand niche of business. One such accounting software is QuickBooks. It ispackage developed as well as marketed by Intuit.  QuickBooks is one of the most sought afteraccounting software in the market that has been primarily developed for smalland medium-sized businesses. The accounting software allows the business ownersto accept payments, pay and manage bills, payroll functions, create invoicesand such functions. It offers on-premise accounting and also cloud-basedversions.

Since QuickBooks works on both Microsoft Windows as well as macOS(the USA only) it had become one of the most used accounting software in theworld. Despite being the top-selling accounting software QuickBooks is notimmune to issues and errors. Users have often complained of facing quite a fewerror messages and issues when they use QuickBooks. But that does not translateinto the fact that QuickBooks is not good for your business. Rather for everyerror message or issues, QuickBooks has a solution.

One such error message that plagues the users of QuickBooks is Error3371. In this article, we will look into what causes the issue and how tomitigate it.

The Error Message

After reconfiguring your desktop or after activating your QuickBooksfor the first time you might encounter the error message ‘QuickBooks Error3371, Status Code 11118’. The message can be quite annoying as it bars you fromopening your QuickBooks file. It also shows a warning message:

‘[Error 3371, StatusCode – 11118] QuickBooks could not load thelicense data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files.

For troubleshooting steps, note the error and type the following ina Web browser window:’

Once you click on the OK button then another dialogue box willappear that shows QuickBooks Fatal Error with the following message:

‘QuickBooks has encountered a problem on startup. This may be due toan invalid software license. Insert the QuickBooks CD into your computer andthen reinstall the software. If you encounter the problem again, contactTechnical Support.’

Once you click on the OK button it will close the window thusstopping you from proceeding any further with your work. So what causes thisQuickBooks error?

What Causes QuickBooksError 3371?

It is compulsory for you to have license information that is storedin your hard drive to use QuickBooks. If that license information or the filegets corrupted, damaged or is missing then you will encounter the Error 3371.

Error 3371 can also happen when the process of cloning of the datatakes place from the c:/ drive to another new hard drive. During the process bymistake if you have deleted the entitlement file then the issue will occur. Thefollowing are the primary reasons for QuickBooks Error 3371.

•    Missing FileQbregistration.dat: This is the file that Intuit looks for every time yourQuickBooks is active since it contains the license information. If this filegets damaged, or is missing or gets corrupted then you will face the issue ofError 3371.

•    Damaged or missing MSXMLcomponent: Microsoft provides the MSMXL component that is essential forQuickBooks to run on your desktop. If MSMXL is missing or damaged then thereare complications that arise in accessing the accounting software QuickBooks.

•    Interruptions caused byAnti-Virus

•    Issues with opening afile without saving it.

Hence when you see the Error 3371, try to resolve the issue as soonas possible. There are a few steps that you can use to troubleshoot theproblem. However, before you do that there are few prerequisites that you haveto fulfill.

Requirements BeforeInitiating the Resolution Steps

Few essential requirements that you have to fulfill before takingthe steps to troubleshoot the Error 3371 are:

•    Ensure that your Windowsis updated, if not then install the latest updates on the computer for yourWindows.

•    Check for any corruptWindows operating system in your computer if you keep on receiving the messagefor Error 3371.

After you have fulfilled these two criteria and you are stillreceiving Error 3371 when you are trying to use your QuickBooks then considerthe steps given below to resolve the problem.

Steps to Fix QuickBooksError 3371

Basically, the error offers you two different solutions in twodifferent dialogue boxes. One states that you reinstall the product while theother asks you to search for help on the QuickBooks website. But both theoptions seem to offer no proper resolution to the problem hence there are fewsteps that you can use to troubleshoot the issue.

Step 1: Register Once Againby Deleting EntitlementDataStore.ecml file

–    When the error 3371appears close it

–    On your keyboard pressthe Window Key + R together

–    A Run window will open.In the Open section either enter or copy paste the following:C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client \v8

–    A windows explorer willopen at the following location

–    Locate the ecml file withthe title ‘EntitlementDataStore.ecml’. Select the file and right-click on it.Next, click on the Delete section and then close the window.

–    Next, Run QuickBooksagain and then Register the QuickBooks product once again.

Try and see if the Error 3371 has been resolved, most likely itshould if it does not then go to the next step.

Step 2: Update Windows

 Even after fresh registeringthe QuickBooks product the problem persists then follow these steps:

–    Click on the Window Iconon your computer

–    Select and click on theStart button

–    Locate All Programs andselect it.

–    Next, locate WindowsUpdate and click on it

–    Check if there are anyupdates for Windows

–    If there are update yourWindows with all the updates that are available.

–    After completion ofsuccessfully updating it reinstall QuickBooks Desktop again.

This step should resolve the issue of QuickBooks Error 3371, in caseit does not then you can try the next steps:

Step 3: Repair

–    Using QuickBooksComponent Repair Tool try to fix the common installation error. If the installationof QuickBooks Component Repair Tool does not fix the problem of Error 3371 thentry the next step.

Step 4: Reinstall 

–    Perform a CleanInstallation of QuickBooks by uninstalling it and then reinstalling theprogram.  But do remember to back up allyour files that are in QuickBooks before uninstalling it.  If this reinstallation does not resolve theissue try the next step.

Step 5: Installing Windows

This is a time-consuming method but it should help you totroubleshoot the issue of Error 3371.

–    Make back up of all thebackups of your hard drive and documents.

–    Do a fresh installationof your Windows. This will erase all your existing programs and files of yourc- drive.

–    After completing thefresh installation of the Windows update all the programs of Windows.

Step 6: QuickBooks InstallDiagnostic Tool repair Microsoft.NET Framework, MSXML, & C++ Issues.

–    You have to downloadQuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool

–    Save the file on yourDesktop

–    Close all the programsbefore running the QuickBooks Install Tool

–    Restart the computer toinstall all the updates and complete the installation.

There is also the option of manually repairing each of theindividual Microsoft components, i.e.

–    Repairing or ReinstallingMicrosoft .NET Framework.

–    Repairing Microsoft MSXML

–    Uninstall and ReinstallMicrosoft Visual C++

But it recommended that you do not try to proceed with the Stepsgiven in 5 and 6 if you are not expert in it. It requires knowledge to conductthese steps, hence hire a professional or seek the help of a professional whohas the knowledge of installing new Windows and repairing Mcirosoft.NETFramework, MSMXL, and C++.Ifall these steps fail to help you in resolving QuickBooks Error 3371 then it isbest that either contact QuickBooks Customer Service or Microsoft.


Fixed: QuickBooks Error 3371 +1-888-860-8999

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